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Skills Development Scenario Plan
Based on the results of the Gap Analysis, our team of experts build alternative outcome-based scenarios that provide the client with an indication of their options of Skills
Development B-BBEE compliance level and the
required actions to achieve the respective levels.
Cost Evaluation of Skills
Development Strategy
Based on the Scenario Plan, if a Skills Development needs is identified we follow the following process to ensure the viability of proposed Skills Development Solutions for your
desired BEE and business outcomes:
Implementation of Skills
Development Strategy
Skills Bureau takes a unique approach in the alignment of the desired Skills Development BEE Strategies and the implementation of the Skills Development Programs. Our focus is to align client industry-specific skills development
and training requirements, within a viable geographical radius, with passionate dedicated employees or unemployed
learners with a passion and a motivated attitude to complete the specified course.
Project and Risk Management
Skills Bureau offers a full turnkey project and risk management solution for all learner Programs to ensure
the successful outcome and management of the program
over the full 12 months.
Hosting Solutions
Skills Bureau works with a national network of industry-specific Skills Development Training Providers and offers a unique hosting opportunity and solution for our clients. We match specific learner opportunities with host employers.
We provide a platform to establish a suitable match for both the employer and the Learner.
Monitoring and Tracking of Skills
Development Programs
Skills Bureau extends a regular Monitoring and Tracking Service to ensure the desired outcome of implementation
and desired Skills Development level is accomplished. Skills Bureau considers current Skills Development initiatives and guides clients on current year-end and upcoming financial year strategies to optimise BEE and training outcomes
Skills Development File Preparation
After the implementation of all required actions to achieve
the required Skills Development BEE level, a file needs to be prepared and submitted for verification. A team effort that requires the client to provide the BEE Specialist with all the required Skills Development information and documentation required for a complete BEE audit to ensure a smooth verification by a SANAS accredited rating agency.
Accreditation and Operation Management
Skills Bureau assists the company in acquiring and operating their own internal accredited learnership programs and courses. Skills Bureau provides guidance and facilitates the Accreditation Process for clients to perform inhouse accredited learner programs.